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What’s Driving Lakeshore Real Estate’s Home Listing Shortage?

There's a definite lack of housing inventory, and part of it can be attributed to sellers staying put


“Inventory,” “low inventory,” “multiple offers,” “low,” “high,” “strong,” “new” — those words paint a clear picture of an unbalanced housing market, one where buyers are competing for too-few homes for sale. One major contributing factor to the state of the market is that fewer homeowners seem interested in selling. But why?


  • Most sellers are also hoping to buy, so they are facing the same market constraints as buyers.
  • Housing supply has not kept up with demand because building has become increasingly expensive.
  • The fear of rising mortgage rates and equity concerns could encourage homeowners to stay put and renovate.
  • Agents need to focus on educating clients (both buyers and sellers) and be creative when looking for listings.

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