Tina Roy's Agent FAQs


I've answered some standard interview questions to give you some insight regarding who I am and if I am the right fit for you.



How long have you been selling real estate full time?

Nearly 8 years now, all have been dedicated full time activities.  I have made a great life in this business and don’t plan on ever making a career change. The Lakeshore area is stuck with me till I’m old and grey!


How many transactions have you been involved with in your entire career?

Approximately 200-300


How many transactions did you handle in the last calendar year?



How many transactions have you handled year-to-date?



Have you ever been subject of a disciplinary action?

No (and I hope I never will, dealing fairly with every buyer or seller I meet pays off)


Are you a listing agent or a buyer's agent?

I would say both, I enjoy an even mix of both buying and selling clients.  Each pose different rewards and challenges and I believe in diversifying my activities to make for great self growth and client satisfaction.


If both, what is your percentage of listing sales to buyer sales?

2011 has turned out to be pretty even…49% buying and 51% selling


Do you have a list of references to call and a list of testimonials? Can you have another professional real estate agent vouch for your business practices and integrity?

Sure, I would be happy to provide a long list of happy customers and REALTORS


What price range do you generally work in?

The majority of my sales have been between $200-$400k.  With a handful each year above and below that price range.


Do you have a network of other productive agents from other firms which you work with?



Do you attend training and technical update seminars above and beyond the local minimum standards?

All the time, I love staying on top of new tools in the industry and the ever changing laws.


What would you say are your strongest attributes as an agent?

Honesty and Ambition.  I am the kind of girl who will always follow up after a showing or inquiry and report accurate, tactful and honest feedback, to buyers, sellers or their agents.  After the turbulent market we have experienced in the past few years I found it crucial to report accurate market values to sellers as well as buyers.  As a potential seller it is so important to “be real” about the value of your home from the very beginning of the selling process.  Over listing a home almost always results in frustration for all that is involved. Good advice as well as prudent problem solving skills from an educated agent is priceless.


What is your list price to sell price ratio?

96.3% in 2011


Do you provide feedback from agents?

Always, typically in email from within a day or two of the showing


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