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Why is it so important to include your kids in your move , no matter how old their age? 

Searching for the right home can be an exciting and emotional process for any buyer, but for parents, there's the added challenge of how to handle the kids expectations. After all, moving is a family affair . Kids need to feel like they're part of the process, but how much there involved depends on many things, one of the most important ... their age. 

Toddler's, may seem too young to include in the house hunting process, but once you're down to a few options, take the time to build their excitement. Show them features of the home they might enjoy, discuss how much fun they will have playing and exploring their new home. If possible check the neighborhoods kid- friendly offerings. 

Children in the elementary, Tween and Teens may have a sense of anxiety with the thought of having to leave the stability and security of their home and neighborhoods. Parents should discuss the time line of the move and show the children the advantages of their new community. Show them schools, hangouts and sports venues, knowing they won't have to  give up their favorite hobbies or sports goes along way in helping with the adjustment. Sharing your excitement with them will ultimately help them feel a little more at ease with the transition. 

No matter how old your kids are, the key to a happy home buying process is a balancing act, fulfilling all your needs and wants. But also involving  your children enough to let them know their input is valuable.

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