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Creative and inventive things are happening in our town of Lakeshore.

STONEY POINT — More than half of an expansive new house was erected in a matter of hours Tuesday, as six hulking shipping containers were hoisted onto a concrete foundation facing Lake St. Clair.

Believed to be the first home in the region made from these 40-by-8-by-9-foot steel boxes, there will be a total of 10 containers once four more arrive in the next week to form the second floor.

“This is a ready-made house!”  the excited owner Sandor Abri said as he enthused about the benefits of this emerging construction trend that involves aligning the containers side by side and stacking them one atop the other, welding them together and then cutting out sections for windows, doors and big interior openings.

He pointed out his new home won’t require the killing of any trees. The steel panels he cuts out for windows, doors and other openings will be recycled. And the house product will be incredibly solid. These containers are built to withstand the salty sea air for months on end. Though they exhibit some exterior rust, they’re structurally sound, he said. “On a ship, they put them up nine containers high and each container holds 45,000 pounds, so they are extra strong.”

“Right now, it just looks like a bunch of shipping containers jammed together, but I know there’s a bigger vision.”

*information source Windsor Star

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