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The smell of pumpkin spice lattes are in the air, which signals that the Fall season is just around the corner. There are a number of things that needs to be done in your home during this season, before winter comes to maintain the household care your home deserves.

Below is a checklist provided by Re/Max that is helpful for every home-owner:

Fall maintenance Checklist - 10 tips

1. Drain The Hose:

Ensure that you are shutting off water valves inside your home, and draining the water from the taps and hoses. This will prevent your hoses from cracking and faucets from bursting.

Re/Max tip: Unroll the hose on a downward slope to drain water from the hose completely

2. Clean All Vents:

Having uncleaned soffits can cause poor ventilation, which can create mold in your home. To avoid this, ensure attic vents are free of debris so that melting snow being drained from your roof is not being blocked.

Re/Max tip: Using a leaf blower or pressure washer will ease the process in clearing out the vents properly

3. Clean the Chimney:

Ensure that your chimney has been cleaned of creosote and inspected thoroughly to avoid any possible chimney fires.

Re/Max tip: Use the fire poker to determine if you need to have your chimney serviced. If there is more than three millimetres of gunk after poking, call a certified chimney sweep

4. Pots & Planters:

If you decide to keep the pots and planters from summer, ensure that you are emptying the soil before storing them away. This will prevent the pots from cracking.

Re/Max tip: Removing soil will also help to reposition and replant once spring comes

5. Clear The Gutter:

Ensure that your gutters are cleared out by a professional to avoid any backed up gutters that can cause roof leaks, ice dams and wall-focused water damage.

Re/Max tip: Make sure all downspout extensions are at least 1.5 metres away from the foundation of your home

6. Caulking in the House:

Ensure that there are no gaps in the siding, windows and door frames. Anything that is larger than a nickel in size will need to be re-caulked. This will prevent drafts and water damage.

Re/Max tip: Weather stripping will be a lifesaver when applied properly to doors

7. Inspect the Roof:

Inspect your roof to see if there is any visible signs of damaged, missing or loose shingles. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, hire a handyman or roofing company to complete the job.

Re/Max tip: When inspecting your roof, be sure to check the flashing around chimneys and vent stacks.

8. A/C Care:

Place a piece of plywood over the A/C unit (preferably one that is sized to fit) to avoid snow or icicles from damaging the unit. This is better than wrapping your unit, as this may cause corrosion or nesting for rodents.

9. Heating System Inspection:

Have a professional technician inspect, test and clean your furnace or heat pump to ensure that it’s working properly for winter. Do not wait for when it’s cold to find out your heating system has not been working.

Re/Max tip: Asking for a carbon monoxide measurement at the same time is a great idea

10. Ceiling Fans:

To help reduce energy bills, check your ceiling fans for a “reverse option”. This will run the fans in the opposite direction, creating an updraft and pushing down the heated air.

Re/Max tip: Consider replacing other ceiling fans with ones that have a reverse option to help with those heating bills!


Whether you’re excited for the new season ahead or not, it’s best to prepare now and minimise the possibility of any issues arising later.

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Courtesy of Re/Max

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