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With recent rising water levels, many residents are being forced to sell their waterfront properties and move away from the water. Homeowners along the Detroit River have been handed sandbags to help hold back any rising water. Although, some have not been discouraged by the rising waters, and still find the same appeal in these properties as before. This is true for Jenna Gendreau and her husband - who have been looking to buy a waterfront home for 5 years now. She said she is willing to take the risk of the rising water levels and find their dream waterfront home.

As president of the Windsor-Essex County Association of Realtors, I had a chance to express these concerns and offer some market stats to CBC. With many waterfront home owners wanting to move as soon as possible, I personally had a few clients who were also worried about what may happen - everyone is nervous! With 129 properties listed along the shoreline across Windsor-Essex in the last 6 months, 117 of these have sold, and prices for these homes have remained consistent with the hot market.

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